About Our Company

Friday, 20th of July 2018

MERIT provides full Thermo Plastic Injection Moulding services at its modern 50,000 Ft² facility.

Processing Equipment: We have twelve moulding machines ranging in size from 60 to 800 tonnes clamping force. A full range of assembly equipment including ultra-sonic welding, plasma treating, packaging equipment, pad printers and hot stamping equipment is also available.

Tool Room: A fully equipped tool room provides on-site maintenance and repair facilities, and constructs moulds, tools, equipment and fixtures.

Design: Our Engineering department is equipped with CAD KEY 7.5 computer design systems. We are capable of reading all IGES compatible files by ZIP disc, CD, 4mm dat tape or EDI.

Service: As a custom moulder, MERIT provides a service to a variety of customers. These services include Product Design, Mould Design, Mould Construction, Procurement, Moulding, Machining, Assembly, Decorating and Packaging.

Experience:The current MERIT customer base covers several industries including; Automotive, Electronics, Packaging, Construction, and Consumer Products.

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