About Our People

Thursday, 19th of September 2019

The Merit culture is one of dedicated people working together, to continuously learn and improve.

Operations: Sixty moulding operators form work group teams that meet regularly to share information and experience. Continuous improvement is achieved through a team problem solving philosophy.

Five mould makers and millwrights maintain, build, repair, and set-up our equipment and your moulds.

Engineering and Sales: Mr. Dan Bailey is a mould maker by trade with over 35 years of hands-on experience in the plastics industry.

Quality Assurance: Mr. Paul Robson is a Mechanical Technologist with over 30 years experience in quality assurance and quality engineering in the automotive and plastics manufacturing sectors.

Administration: Mr. Tim Barrie holds a post graduate degree in Business Administration and has over 35 years of engineering and manufacturing experience in the Plastics and Automotive Industries.

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