On-Site Tooling

Our dedicated and experienced on-site tooling department can maintain and modify your tools to fit your specifications. Our processes ensure cost-effective and high-quality solutions. We will work with you to find solutions to problems that may cause your tooling to work inefficiently or not at all.

When your tool needs to see a specialist, we have a variety of partners that we will hand the work off to for a seamless experience for you.

The most common issues we address on a day to day basis are:

  • Diagnosing tool failure
  • Replacing springs
  • Replacing pins
  • Lubing components
  • Cleaning, stoning, and polishing mold surface
  • Engineering changes
  • General preventive maintenance
  • Modifying venting system to improve flow and decrease burning and voids
  • Modifying gate systems to improve flow and address flowlines
  • Improving tool cooling system
  • Improving parting lines
  • Improving tool seal-offs

Behind the scenes, we also build supporting fixtures and gauges for:

  • Part cooling
  • Supporting automation
  • Milling and lathing
  • De-gating
  • Dimensional verification

Nuclear Machining

We do extensive work with the nuclear industry, providing steel die grinding, zirconium stamping and bearing pad processing. Contact us to learn more about the nuclear work we do.